The Most Popular UHPLC/HPLC Columns
Designed and manufactured for the identification and purification of small molecules, peptides, and proteins.
Carefully controlled full endcapping leads to optimal performance with acidic, basic, and chelating compounds.​​
Below are the key characteristics of our main grades and sample chromatograms of their performance. 

SP-120-ODS-RPS: The Universal

The C18 Reverse Phase Standard is many a customers' go to. 

  • Ideal choice for a wide variety of compounds
  • Robust silica-based 120Å C18 Series
  • The Golden Standard

SP-120-ODS-BP: For the Hydophilic

The perfect match for hydrophilcic compound purification, 0% organic solvent is needed.

  • Suitable for hydrophilic coumpound seperation
  • Strong retention in aqueous conditions
  • Longer lifetime with aqueous eluents
  1. Peptides

SP-100-ODS-P: The High-performer

With high surface area (450 m2/g), its our High-performer

  • ​High loading capacity due to its high surface area
  • Recommended for amino acids, small peptides, oligonucleotides, and organic acids.
  1. Peptides

SP-200-C8-BIO: The pH Resistant

With a higher carbon density, DAISO's C8 is perfect for harsh cleaning in place (CIP) of aggregates

  • Extended alkaline stability (pH = 1.5 – 11) with higher carbon density bonding and improved endcapping
  • Robust silica-based 200Å C8 Series.
  • Improved separation of complex mixtures of highly hydrophobic compounds too strongly retained on C18 phases.

SP-300-C4-BIO: Bulky Molecules

With a wide pore size and high carbon density, the 300Å C4 is perfect for protein separation

  • Extended alkaline stability (pH = 1.5 – 11) with higher carbon density bonding adn improved endcapping
  • Robust silica-based 300Å C4 Series for large molecules
  • Recommended for bulky molecules and proteins.