DAISOGEL Preparative HPLC columns for Process-Development and Production
DAISOGEL® is designed to make your scale-up work easy. analytical and preparative grade media is made by the same production method under carefully controlled conditions in order to assure consistent selectivity from lot-to-lot and between different particle sizes, which is essential for scale-up work. The ease of scale-up allows for DAISOGEL analytical column users to easily move up to our preparative grade columns.

Our preparative columns are available with the following dimensions in both screw-type (S) and flange-type (F);
DAISO columns are packed with our reknowned DAISOGEL, avaible in a variety of phases. The preparative columns are packed with the following grades;
Pricing will vary based on dimensions as well as the silica grade. For inquiry, please contact [email protected] or through our Contact Us page.​ 

Certain column bodies will have to be made to order and will require time.