DAISO offers you highly reproducible and predictable DAISOGEL® analytical and preparative columns for proteins, peptides, and organic compounds. Based on DAISO’s long history of spherical silica gel production for chromatography, DAISOGEL® silica columns are held to very narrow product specifications using ultra-high purity silica.​ 

DAISOGEL® columns are  perfect tools for API manufacturers to do step-wise scale up work. From mg to gram, to 100 g leading to bulk API, manufacturing can be done using the SAME STATIONARY PHASE in all steps. Having the same stationary phase maintains chromatographic performance in all scales. DAISOGEL® is designed to make your scale-up work easy. analytical and preparative grade media is made by the same production method under carefully controlled conditions in order to assure consistent selectivity from lot-to-lot and between different particle sizes, which is essential for scale-up work. 
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Designed and manufactured for the identification and purification of peptides and small molecules. Carefully controlled full endcapping leads to optimal performance with acidic, basic, and chelating compounds.

DAISOGEL® SP-120-ODS-RPS: The Universal

DAISOGEL® SP-120-ODS-BP: For the Hydrophilic

DAISOGEL® SP-100-ODS-P: The High-Performer

DAISOGEL® SP-200-C8-BIO: The pH Resistant

DAISOGEL® SP-300-C4-BIO: Bulky Molecules

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