DAISO Fine Chem USA, Inc. is just a part of the global DAISO team. The global DAISO team has attended many confrences, presenting posters and workshops. The latest posters and presentations can be found on this page. 

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PREP 2017 - Philadelphia

Agarose-based Protein-A is comparable to the industry standard, with traits that makes it a cut above the industry standard!

The two main takeaways are:
  1. The higher Dynamic Binding Capacity

   2. The milder elution condition of pH 4.0 vs. pH 3.5 for the MAb

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We also had our very own Dr. Sally have a workshop for "Non-invasive Investigation of Columns During Cleaning-In-Place (CIP) Process," where he discussed the how and why for using analytical methods to calibrate the CIP used during Insulin purification. The slides can be found in PDF format below. 

Mr. Itou from the Japan R&D presented his poster of "Customizing a Stationary Phase for Extreme Usage Conditions," describing how an extreme ligand density was crucial for resin used in Insulin purification