Bulk Silica Media
DAISOGEL Preparative HPLC columns for Process-Development and Production
DAISOGEL® packing materials are suitable for UHPLC, HPLC, medium-low pressure LC, SMB, and SFC. DAISOGEL® is totally spherical, totally porous silica with smooth surface. The pores are evenly distributed and their shape is controlled. The mechanical stability of DAISOGEL® is outstanding, tested to withstand repeated packing and re-packing.

DAISOGEL® is designed to make your scale-up work easy. Analytical and preparative grades are made by the same production method under carefully controlled conditions in order to assure consistent selectivity from lot-to-lot and between different particle sizes, which is essential for scale-up work. ​​
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​​Ultra-High Purity Silica Support

Our primary product is bare silica gel, manufactured under ISO 9001:2008 controlled conditions with the most advanced sol-gel method in multi-ton quantities. 
DAISOGEL® guarantees <10ppm of the most troublesome metal impurities: Al, Ti, Fe, and Zr. DAISO is the manufacturer of even the raw material of our silica gel, enabling perfect control of impurities.

bare silica may be sold with custom modifications or normal-phase chromatography.
Bonded Media

DAISOGEL® bonded phases are manufactured in an industry leading GMP-compliant way and instantly available of our most common grades manufactured in batches of up to 200kg with extremely high lot-to-lot reproducibility. The DAISO-GMP system is based on ICH-Q7A guidelines. Our pride, the MS-1 silica modification plant in Amagasaki, Japan has been audited by major multinational pharmaceutical companies. The rigid manufacturing standards guarantee that only the highest quality products are delivered to our valued customers.

Our reversed phase chemical modifications ranges from standard grades of C18/ODS/octadecyl, C8/octyl phases down to C1, to Aminopropyl (APS), Phenyl, Cyano, Diol and so on. Additional bonding types and bonding densities featuring 100% aqueous applications, extended acidic and alkali resistance, and high loadability combined with exceptional durability are available in various pore from 60 to 2000Å and particle sizes ranging from 1.7 and 2.1μm for UHPLC, to 3 to 20μm for HPLC, and 40 and 50μm for medium pressure LC, for protein, peptide, and oligonucleotide purifications

We have FDA-DMF (Drug Master File) registration for the best sold DAISOGEL® phases: file #23227 for the ODS, file #22317 for the C8, and file #29201 for the C4 bonded types. For the same phases Regulatory Support Files are available upon request.

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